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Welcome to the Space and Nature Aruba Foundation Website

The Space and Nature Aruba Foundation (SNAF) is a non-profit group based on the Caribbean island Aruba located a few miles North of the coast of Venezuela. The SNAF is affiliated with Universe Awareness (UNAWE) which is an organization endorsed by UNESCO and the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

Our main goal is to bring astronomy and earth science to the public
through education, research and enjoyable public events, and improve the status, understanding and enjoyment of amateur astronomy and earth science.

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Comet or cluster?

Comet or cluster?

Most globular clusters are almost perfectly spherical collections of stars — but Messier 62 breaks the mould. The 12-billion-year-old cluster is distorted, and stretches out on one side to form a comet-like shape with a bright head and extended tail. As one of the closest globular clusters to the centre of our galaxy, Messier 62 is likely affected by strong tidal forces that displace many of its stars, resulting in this unusual shape. When globular clusters form, they tend to be somewhat denser towards the centre. The more massive the cluster, the denser the centre is likely to be. With…